50th Anniversary Celebration

It’s our 50th anniversary this year and we are celebrating with exciting new tools and content, all with a fresh new look.


New Website!

The site is designed with more intuitive, user-friendly navigation, streamlined content, and easy-to-find resources like local sales representatives and service agents, customer support, and helpful product references like the new Product Guide and Asset Library. The products are now unified and searchable by type, temperature, department, market, and collection, making it a breeze to find what you are looking for.


New Asset Library!

The Asset Library houses a variety of important resources including technical product information such as specification sheets and user manuals. Additionally, you can find other helpful resources like installation photography and product renderings, sales brochures, and informational flyers. Quickly find assets and either share or download them in a variety of sizes for user-friendly information gathering. This resource can be accessed by going to assets.structuralconcepts.com, clicking on the Asset Library button in Quick Access on the Homepage of the website, or by clicking the button at the bottom of every website Product Page. 


New Product Guide!

Launched earlier this year, this guide is an interactive catalog of products that includes internal and external links with the purpose of easy navigation and faster access to information. Once in the document, be sure to read How to Make the Most of this Guide on the Table of Contents page to fully understand all of the functionality. This resource can be accessed from the website by clicking on the button in Quick Access on the Homepage or in Resources under Literature.


We hope you are just as excited as we are for these new upgrades! Thank you to everyone who has helped make this company what it is over the last 50 years. Cheers to the next 50!