Blend Modular Islands

Introducing Blend, a collection of cases that allows you to create a reconfigurable modular island perfect for any space.


Refrigerated, heated, and ambient displays in the same location. A win for consumers, a win for businesses.



Blend is a collection of reconfigurable, multi-temperature cases that together create a modular island perfect for cross-merchandising experiences in any space. This modular platform was designed with seamless transition features and the very best refrigeration and heating technology making it a beautiful and profitable addition to any retail space.



The easy-entry case depth and heavy-duty, leveling casters allow for delivery through standard-sized doorways and provide mobility when future opportunities arise to rearrange or replace cases if a different temperature or size is desired. The modularity of this product saves owners cost in replacing full islands when their merchandising strategy changes and it allows faster display adaptation to consumer trends.



This Collection’s seamless design uses simple lines to create a minimalistic appearance that allows the focus to be placed on the product within the display. With refrigerated, heated, and ambient case options in one island, products can be displayed more dynamically, attracting more consumers and increasing cross-merchandising opportunities to produce more revenue.