As the leader in display technology, we continue to deliver innovative solutions to support the dynamic wants and needs of the consumer, which ultimately delivers profitable growth to our customers. Our mission to design a superior food bar with exceptional quality, functionality and modern and eye-catching aesthetic design has been achieved. Structural Concepts is proud to introduce you to our latest solution to enable increased grab-n-go guest counts and average transaction value with the launch of our Grocerant® Food Bar Islands.

Our Grocerant® Food Bar Islands are a series of self-serve specialty food bar merchandisers, offered in 8’, 10’ & 12’ models, for refrigerated pan, heated pan, soup and olive bar food applications. We offer customization of our Grocerant® Food Bar Islands and welcome the opportunity to partner with you on designing the optimal configuration to align with your specific operational strategy. Whether you are new to the food bar concept or looking to upgrade existing equipment, Structural Concepts has the look and performance you’re searching for.

We Provide Superior Refrigeration & Technology

As a solution provider to quality brand supermarkets, we understand how important it is to have that differentiator that gives you an advantage over the competition.  Structural Concepts Grocerant® Food Bar Islands are that differentiator; from the eye-catching design and layout, to supporting a breadth of menu offerings and most importantly, the engineering infrastructure to support gold-standard quality and safety that keeps food safe and fresh in support of your brand integrity.

Our food bars use air-over pan refrigeration to circulate a curtain of refrigerated air over the display area to ensure proper temperatures are maintained throughout.  The IP55 rated fans keep air circulating without fail and are protected from dust and low pressure water jets from any direction.  An E-Coated evaporator coil provides long term corrosion protection from cleaners and product juices to protect your investment by extending service life and energy efficiency performance.

Grocerant® Food Bar Islands Features

  • 100% steel base construction design eliminates traditional wood components that are susceptible to water damage or rot.
  • Grocerant® Food Bar Islands ship on 5” casters for easy unloading, case placement and installation, eliminating floor damage and disposal challenges associated with large wooden skids.
  • 6” leveling legs keep the unit off the floor and snap on kick panels provide an attractive finished look.
  • ADA compliant counter height of 33-1/2” allows for variances and leveling in the field.
  • Stainless steel countertops or optional Quartz tops ship fully assembled, eliminating multiple shipments and increased assembly time.
  • Olive and Soup islands feature a recessed package area to keep containers handy and accessible; also available on our refrigerated and heated models.

Streamlined Cleanability

Cleanliness is a sign of quality. We at Structural Concepts understand the time and attention it takes your staff to maintain your equipment sanitation to the highest standard that serve as a catalyst in attracting and retaining customers.  Our design supports the highest standard of quality while minimizing the time it takes to sustain that level.

  • “Tools free” well assembly.
  • Efficient component design that enables cleaning and sanitation via a standard commercial dishwasher.
  • Optional hose reel integrated in the base for alternative cleaning processes.
  • NSF compliant sneeze guards with lift-up front glass.
  • LED lighting and stainless steel posts are standard on all models, all with easy to clean friction hinges and removable top glass.

Structural Concepts has mastered the art of fresh food presentation.  We’ve leveraged our experience and expertise in the design of our Grocerant® Food Bar Island product line by incorporating superior refrigeration performance along with our attention to ergonomics and customizable aesthetics to create the perfect food bar island solutions for your store. We certainly raised the bar on Food Bar Islands!


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