The Wall Street Journal reported that the hottest new restaurant might be in your grocery store!

Time-starved consumers are looking for high-quality, ready-to-eat food and ready-to-heat meals to fit into their busy lifestyles and feed their active families. They are no longer content with drive-thru fast foods and want a sit-down dining experience that’s both quick and nutritious. Today’s consumers want meals they would make if they had the time to do so; they want real home cooking without all the fuss.

Traditional supermarkets have answered this growing demand by expanding their fresh prepared food departments. Many retailers have added fresh sushi, pizza, pasta, salad, soup and sandwich bars, even growler bars with beer, wine and comfortable seating to satisfy their customer needs. Consumers love the in-store dining atmosphere perfect for a quick meal, as well as the mix and match mealtime selections that provide them with a satisfying family meal eaten at home.

Today’s grocery store is more than just a store. Changing consumer behaviors are driving current trends of convenience, healthy options and multicultural flavors. Retailers are adapting and changing to meet consumers’ needs; grocery stores are becoming a planned destination, a gathering spot and eating place for today’s consumer.

Structural Concepts’ Grocerant food bars are helping retailers answer this growing demand for ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat prepared foods. Our prepared food bar line is extensive; G-Series deli offers either Inline or Island units, for service or self-serves applications, in refrigerated, combination, ambient or heated temperatures to serve up a wide array of foods.

Inline Food Bars

Inline food bar units help design a lineup specific to your prepared food display needs that will optimize space and reduce the footprint required. Choose from a wide selection of service or self-serve models, refrigerated, heated surface, ambient, wedges or counter space, with front or rear storage and various options.



Island Food Bars

Island food bars are offered in cold, hot, olive and soup designs, ranging from 8’ to 12’ lengths with superior refrigeration performance, ergonomics and customizable options.






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