Since 1972, Structural Concepts has been innovating the art of presenting consumable goods, making the desired more desirable and improving the protection of the perishable. Here, generations of refrigeration experts, designers, and structural engineers gather to develop the most attractive, reliable, temperature-controlled display cases in the industry.

Products that work harder, beautifully.

We are passionate about every design and manufacturing detail and have set the standard for each during our company’s journey from store fixture and bakery-focused displays to top-performing merchandiser manufacturer. It is our mission to design cases so simply beautiful that they go unnoticed making the product inside the focal point.


Performance is paramount.

The technology and design leveraged, like frameless, UV-bonded glass, provide the ultimate visual display experience while providing superior refrigeration and heating performance. Our merchandisers have not only been designed to better display and sell more products but are built to last longer, save energy, and minimize operating costs.


Vertical integration

From refrigeration and sheet metal to powder coating and glass bonding, the vertical integration we’ve established gives us more control over the quality and availability of the solutions we design, engineer, and manufacture. We’re constantly innovating and improving, increasing efficiencies, and finding more ways to be the most reliable and advanced resource for our customers.